Sherwood is a relatively rural community with many rich soil production farms still very active in crop growing. However, many newcomers are enjoying the lush and expansive landscapes varied with many parcels enjoying expansive views. In fact, new development and new construction has been creeping into this area for home seekers looking for an affordable investment on a sizable piece of property.

The first people to live in the area were the Tualatin Indians, before the first wagon train arrived in in 1843. In 1853, Sherwood was settled by farmers, and their families lived in log houses taken from the forest which once covered the area. By 1870, many families had moved into the area, and that brought the railroad the right-of-way. Sherwood evolved into a brick manufacturing city, and much of the local wealth was originally built on this industry. Local manufacturers were responsible for supplying to the industrial and commercial growth in the Portland metropolitan area.

Old Town in Sherwood was created during the height of the brick-making era. This nine-block area is currently home to an antique mall, performing arts academy, library, yoga studio, music studios, and several local eateries. Old Town also hosts a popular farmers market, art festivals, a Halloween event and an annual Robin Hood festival which pays homage to the origins of its name.

In 1911, the city limits were just one square mile, and a population of 350. Today, the population is nearing 20,000 as the city limits have expanded to four and a half square miles. As Sherwood continues to grow, more and more thriving business and modern amenities are coming with it, but this city has managed to keep its small town charm and friendliness.

In 2016, the average median home price in Sherwood was: $319,000.

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