One of Portland’s most popular destinations in real estate, the Hawthorne and Belmont neighborhoods attract house hunters looking for the walkable, hip, vibrant and eclectic Hawthorne/Belmont lifestyle that this district offers.

Approximately 10 minutes east of downtown Portland, this district lies within the counter-trendy inner southeast Portland. The area is defined by the business districts located along the popular SE Hawthorne Blvd and SE Belmont Street. In between, charming well-preserved homes fill a series of parallel roads within a six-block radius. The Hawthorne “district” actually extends through other Southeast Portland neighborhoods including Buckman, Ladd’s Addition, Hosford-Abernathy, Sunnyside, Mt. Tabor, and Richmond. The “district” runs along Hawthorne Boulevard from 11th to 55th Avenues.

Known for the unique blend of cutting-edge restaurants, food carts, microbreweries, specialty boutiques, vintage stores, antique shops and locally-crafted goods, these pedestrian-frequented streets always offer something to do and see in the district. The area is known for its Craftsman bungalows, new construction condos and mixed-use buildings. Many of the businesses have undergone internal and external architectural updates to cater to locals, while attracting visitors and weekend shoppers to the area, bringing in a series of locally owned businesses, artists and eateries that are distinctly Portland in style and earning a tremendous amount of press.

According to Travel Portland Magazine, the Hawthrone area is where hippies and hipsters mingle, but year after year, more and more families and young investors are moving to this area for its walkability, neighborhood pulse and artistry. While locals would define the neighborhood as a neo-hippie counterculture area, the Hawthorne-Belmont neighborhoods are a highly-coveted piece of real estate for new development and new construction projects, especially in the last few years due the market demands largely influenced by former Bay Area and Seattle Millennials looking to expand their families.

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