Location, walkability and scenery are the majors draws to the heavily-sought after Alameda-Beaumont neighborhood This northeast neighborhood borders the Hollywood District and the more business-oriented Beaumont Village, as well as abuts the Irvington neighborhood. The area is a popular real estate destination for its views of Downtown Portland, the Willamette River, and the Cascade Mountains.

One of the focal points in this neighborhood is Beaumont Village, as it serves as a shopping, dining and entertainment hub for the Beaumont-Wilshire-Alameda neighborhoods. As a popular commercial destination, Beaumont Village allows residents and visitors to leisurely walk the streets to socialize, run errands, window shop, and dine at local restaurants. It also hosts a collection of small professional offices, including medical, legal and financial services.

The neighborhood was established in the mid-18th century and is home to older architecture styles, tree-lined streets, boutique shops, coffee houses, and filled with parks with history and mature trees with decadent landscapes. Residents of the area enjoy the nearby Wilshire Park, which includes 14 acres of playground, open forest, grassy stretches and paths. Fernhill Park and Grant Park are also nearby.

According to 7×7 Magazine, a popular San Francisco real estate publication, the team ranked Alameda as one of the top Portland neighborhoods.

In 2016, the average median home price in Alameda: $685,000.

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